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Defines animation options for the View.animate method.

Summary ​

Constructors ​

constructor ​

new KeyframeAnimationInfo(): KeyframeAnimationInfo

Properties ​

curve ​

curve?: any
An optional animation curve. Possible values are contained in the [AnimationCurve enumeration](../modules/_ui_enums_.animationcurve.html). Alternatively, you can pass an instance of type UIViewAnimationCurve for iOS or android.animation.TimeInterpolator for Android.

delay ​

delay?: number
The amount of time, in milliseconds, to delay starting the animation.

duration ​

duration?: number
The length of the animation in milliseconds. The default duration is 300 milliseconds.

isForwards ​

isForwards: boolean
Determines whether the animation values will be applied on the animated object after the animation finishes.

isReverse ​

isReverse?: boolean
If true the animation will be played backwards.

iterations ​

iterations?: number
Specifies how many times the animation should be played. Default is 1. iOS animations support fractional iterations, i.e. 1.5. To repeat an animation infinitely, use Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY

keyframes ​

keyframes: KeyframeInfo[]

name ​

name?: string