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interface IDevice {
  deviceType: "Phone" | "Tablet";
  language: string;
  manufacturer: string;
  model: string;
  os: string;
  osVersion: string;
  region: string;
  sdkVersion: string;
  uuid: string;

Summary ​

Properties ​

deviceType ​

deviceType: "Phone" | "Tablet"
Gets the type of the current device. Available values: "Phone", "Tablet".

language ​

language: string
Gets the preferred language. For example "en" or "en-US".

manufacturer ​

manufacturer: string
Gets the manufacturer of the device. For example: "Apple" or "HTC" or "Samsung".

model ​

model: string
Gets the model of the device. For example: "Nexus 5" or "iPhone".
os: string
Gets the OS of the device. For example: "Android" or "iOS".

osVersion ​

osVersion: string
Gets the OS version. For example: 4.4.4(android), 8.1(ios)

region ​

region: string
Gets the preferred region. For example "US".

sdkVersion ​

sdkVersion: string
Gets the SDK version. For example: 19(android), 8.1(ios).

uuid ​

uuid: string
Gets the uuid. On iOS this will return a new uuid if the application is re-installed on the device. If you need to receive the same uuid even after the application has been re-installed on the device, use this plugin: https://www.npmjs.com/package/nativescript-ios-uuid