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@nativescript/* plugins

Many plugins offered by NativeScript's Technical Steering Committee (TSC) are listed in the sidebar/sub navigation to help with your developments. For example, everything from biometrics, camera handling, contacts management, Firebase integration, Google Maps, to payment management using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or IAP and Subscription handling and many more can be found here.

Developing your own plugins

If you are interested in building your own plugins, we recommend following our Getting Started with Plugin Workspaces guide which uses our plugin workspace seed (the exact same setup the TSC uses to develop it's own plugins) as a starting point because it provides the following:

  • consistent plugin source structure
  • ability to scale and add additional plugins through automated tooling
  • reduces configuration files to provide easy maintainence
  • provides shareable structure for ease of demoing your plugins
  • ability to focus your workspace down to a single plugin in an instant if you ever need to isolate development when working within a multi-plugin workspace
  • provides automated migrations managed by the TSC to keep your plugin workspaces up-to-date without manual hassles

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